Climate Change: Environmental impacts on the environment

Effects  on the sea

Effects on the wildlife

Effects on Land + Vegetation

Positive Ice Albedo Feedback – Sea ice decreased by 14% between 2005-2006 accelerating climate change.

Spread of new species –New species such as spruce bark beetle have come as they can live in these warmer climates. The impacts food chain. The long-term impact of this is unknown.

Tree line moves North – The tree line is the edge of the Arctic habitat where trees grow

Negative multiplier effect – As the sea warms the number of marine plants falls as a negative multiplier effect because this leaves less food for small fish so they decrease and seals which eat them also decreases due to lank of food and this eventually leads to less polar bears and less food for the inuits.

Tundra ecosystem (ecosystems designed to withstand extremely cold conditions) are being lost – These ecosystems are rare and precious

Polar bear hunting season – Spring is the polar bear hunting season but due to melting ice in this seasons they are not able to do this reducing food for them. Hudson Bat which has 450 residents is now ice free for 3 more weeks than 1985.

Melting Permafrost – Permafrost (permanently frozen land) is thawing out and realizing methane accelerating climate change.

Extinction of Polar Bears – females build up body fat in the spring seasons when the ice ‘usually’ melts. Now because more ice melts and for longer the average polar bear loose 80kg making them susceptible to disease and reduces their ability to reproduce and feed their young. This can lead to extinction some scientists say.

Agricultural yield – As summer seasons are longer inuits can farm for longer and increase their agricultural yield

Forest fires – Boreal forests (coniferous) suffer with more forest fires particularly in Arctic Russia.  Vegetation like this are great carbon sinks so it is a shame to loose them.

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