Costs and Benefits of Sustainable Measures

Climate Change

Costs and benefits of sustainable measures




Energy efficiency 

At the beginning it is expensive and may not as functional as we would like them to be e.g. energy efficient lighting can be dimer than normal lighting. 

Small changes like this is universal and does not take much to implement yet it can have huge advantages in terms of reducing emissions.

Transport reformation e.g. congestion charge

Can be time-consuming and unpopular. Some methods can be expensive for example the congestion charge might have worked but this meant the government had to improve public transport.

The congestion charge cut 25% of traffic so they can be highly effective.

Carbon trading

It is a long and complex method and many countries simply don’t have accurate information or are just not part of this scheme. It has forced some businesses to relocate

Making carbon a commodity and expensive meant that countries did decrease even if a little but of emission while working as a team.


Costly and plants take space and in our overpopulated world is there really space?

Plants have been around for a long time so we know their long term effects and using nature is a popular method.

Renewable energy 

Costly, inefficient and can be visually and noisy polluting. People also have a NIMBY attitude making it harder to implement. 

It is a sustainable methods and it is a god alternative to fossil fuels and we can be sure never to have problems with it (except for ones like nuclear)

Solar Panels

Visually polluting and not all place receive enough sun. Expensive.

Easy way to cut emissions.

Conserve i.e. regulate burning/chopping trees and plants

People can still illegally do it and then we will have problems with trying to measure it.

Doesn’t require any money or anything we just need to put forward a few acts saying this can not be destroyed.

Domestic efficiency e.g. home insulation 

People are reluctant and some people with old homes may feel that the costs to insulate are just too much

It is again a relatively simple method unlike carbon trading yet can save both financially for people and emission. The money saved on bills is a great incentive for people.

Coastal defence

Can be expensive e.g. sea walls are very expensive

By acting in advance we can minimize the impacts felt from climate change

Diversify agriculture

It is not easy to know what to grow in different climate and we are still unsure about the time scales we are talking about.

It allows farmers to still have a career and nations to have a substantial food supply.

GM crops

They are unnatural we still don’t know the long term affects of this on humans.

A great way to food supply in the climatic problems we are faced with e.g. we need food supply even in droughts

House Design

Expensive and is it really practical to re design every single house?

This way it does not lie in the citizens hand whether their house is energy efficient or not.

Better forecasting system

Expensive and we already have many!

Good way to protect ourselves!

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