Fieldwork into profiling a place

Fieldwork and Research into profiling a place

What does profiling a place mean?

It is a short description which is sometimes accompanied by a fact file and photos which give us a taster into a place. Profiling an area tends to involve qualitative data rather than quantitative.

So what fieldwork and research can we do to achieve this?

Primary Research

Secondary Research

Environmental quality Survey


Photo Panoramas

Goad Maps


Oral histories and interviews – Asking people about the services they are given and the quality of them. It is also a good idea to ask what recreational activities do in the local area.

Brochures and adverts

Look at the availability of the various goods such as handbags in the local area. Measuring on average how close a cashpoint is, is another indicator the economic profile of a place.

Placecheck – This is where a small number of locals (circa 12) assess the qualities of a place, focusing on what improvements need to be made and working together to achieve these.

Clone towns – A ‘clone town’ is a UK term for an area or street significantly dominated by ‘chain stores’ and restaurants. By examining whether a place is clone town or original we can produce an accurate profile of an area.


1. What is profiling?

2. Name three secondary research techniques?

3. Name one Primary research technique and explain how it profiles a place.

4. What is a clone town? How can this help with profiling?

5. What is a placecheck?


1. Profiling is a short description of a place which is usually accompanied by photos and fact files to help recreate a feel of a place.

2., Census 2001 and Blogs/websites

3. Taking photographs – they help create an image of a place and are usually used to accompany profiles

4. A clone town is an area which significantly affected by chain stores and restaurants. By examining whether a place is a clone town or has a unique identity we can get a feel of a place.

5. A placecheck is where small group of people set out and assess the qualities of a place and focus on what is good about the place and what can improve.

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