Social and economic factors affecting population and migration in the UK

Social and economic factors affecting population and migration… (UK)



Population factors

  1. Infant mortality increased
  2. Increased number of women in the workforce
  3. Increased divorce rates
  4. Medical advancements have increased
  5. The acceptance and availability of contraception have increased
  6. Women are having children later
  7. Fashion/Lifestyles have changed
  8. People are more aware of health
  1. Increased and improved education and training
  2. The cost of raising children has increased
  3. The need for children has decreased
  4. There was a depression in the 1930s
  5. A global recession in 2008 (oil crisis)
  6. Better economic incentives elsewhere compared to kids
  7. It is more profitable and economical for women to work rather than have kids.


  1. We have an ageing population.
  2. Our birth rate has decreased
  3. Our death rate has fallen too
  4. Natural increase has fallen too
  5. The replacement level has reduced too

Migration factors

  1. English is claimed to be a universal language
  2. The UK once had a large empire hence it has  many colonial links
  3. There are also many ethic enclaves which influence friends and families decisions to migrate
  4. More displaced persons due to conflicts such as the war in Iraq
  5. “Health tourists” are becoming popular
  6. We have a generous welfare system
  7. Has the world’s best universities and people are reluctant to go back after studying
  1. The EU has a free movement of labour act with A8 and A2 countries
  2. Exchange rates means that sometimes people can earn 10 times as much in the UK than elsewhere
  3. There is political stability in the UK
  4. Economic migrants are popular
  5. Remunerations and child benefits even if the child is in the source country are easy to access
  6. The retirement age is increasing in the UK


  1. Immigration has increased
  2. Emigration of economically active people have fallen
  3. Net immigration
  4. Immigrants manly from EU sources (esp. Eastern Europe)
  5. The ageing population are migrating to spain

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