Language and Gender: Summary of key linguists

Key Linguists 


Their research/view…

Deborah Fishman

Women do the ‘conversational shitwork’. Even though she found that males speak for double the time females do in mixed-sex conversations

Robin Lakeoff

10 features of women’s language

Deborah Cameron

The myth between Mars and Venus – no difference between the sexes

Janet Holmes

Empirical research that there are more derogatory words and images towards females then males,

Julia Stanley

More words to describe men than women. She also found there were 26 words to describe male promiscuity (many of which were favorable e.g. ‘stud’) and 220 words to describe female promiscuity 

Zimmerman and west

Men interrupted 96% of the time and female 4%. They also found that fathers interrupted daughters more than sons

Jennifer Coates

Women are cooperative and negotiating towards other women but are competitive in mixed sex conversations

Jane Pilkington

Women use more positive politeness features and men are more rude.

Koenraad Kuiper

Examined a rugby team and saw that even with united interests men were not interested in saving face

Deborah Tannen

Cross-cultural communication’ men and women are so different.

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