Understanding and monitoring weather conditions

Techniques and Fieldwork

Firstly it is important to understand the different weather instruments and their purpose. 

Primary and secondary methods of monitoring and understanding weather conditions


  • Making observations and recording it in a weather diary 
  • Weather instruments – for more detail see post ‘using weather instruments – fieldwork’
  • Weather stations now use computer systems to record weather and keep organisations such as the Met Office involved through wireless and satellite connections.


  • Met Office website. This has synoptic charts to monitoring different weather conditions passing us e.g. fronts. It also keeps an archive of the weather so we can see weather patterns over a long course of time.
  • BBC website has some radar, satellite and surface pressure maps too which can help when trying to understand different weather conditions
  • People may write about the weather in blogs, websites and posts which allow us to measure weather conditions.
  • GIS – google earth, maps etc. This enables patterns of weather to be identified and measured of 4-10 days.
  • Media – watching news, documentaries etc

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