Flagship Developments

How have flagship developments aided the rebranding process?

Flagship development – It is an attempt and strategy on the part of the Labour government to regenerate and redevelop urban environments.

Case Study 1 – London Docklands

Olympics venue

This is attracting sports fans and athletes by attracting this young and fit workforce it hope to increase economic success. The venue itself is proving jobs even for those who don’t have the specialised training for many other jobs.

New Aquarium

The aquarium presents an attraction for families who wish to go on a local holiday. It also has attracted specialised such as scientists interested in examining different types of fish. By bringing these specialised people, it makes the population of London more efficient. 

New Water Park

This flagship development aims to crete destination tourism. Hoping that once people are in the area they spent money on other things to, boosting the whole area.

Case Study 2 – Manchester 

Trafford centre 

It is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK. It has aided the rebranding process because private investors have invested in the land hoping to receive large revenues, this means that they have seen the potential economic success of an area and made it into reality.

Beetham tower

This mega-construction hold five star Hilton hotel within it. The nature of the hotel attracts the wealthier and sophisticated part of the population. This makes the option to go on holiday to Manchester more attractive then lets say Liverpool.


Selfridges is now opened in the heart of Manchester again attracting this rich and sophisticated population. The aim is that these people have enough money hence they will spent it on other goods and services in Manchester creating economic success which should in turn increase the quality of life for the locals.

Case Study 3 – Cornwall

Eden Project

This is most visited place in Cornwall. It brings millions of visitors all throughout the year. It helped Cornwall combat the problem with seasonal tourism (which is one of the reasons why Cornwall became derelict in the first place). Creating a green and eco-friendly image is also a sustainable image.

Lobb’s farm shop

After the Eden Project this is the second most visited location. With EU match funding farmers such as Lobb have been given a chance to diversify their income. This has helped combat the problem of occupational labour mobility because it allows people to do what they are good at.

Extreme Sports Academy at Watergate Bay

This is an attraction aimed at youngsters to come to Cornwall as tourists and potential works. the Academy recruit many young people and helps change Cornwall’s image from a place for senior citizens to a young and trendy area. It is one initiative taken to try and tackle the ‘brain drain’ of the area.

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