Test on word classes

1. What is an indefinite article? (2)

2. What is the opposite to an indefinite article and what is its function? (3)

3.How many types of adjectives are there? (1)

4. What are the types of adjectives called and what is their function? Give example (6)

5. How many types of common nouns are there? And what are they? (4)

6. What is an adverb? (1)

7. What words describe the position/location of something? Give an example (2)

8. How many types of conjunction are there? What are their functions? (8)

9. ‘Komilla’ ‘Wall Street’ are examples of what words? (1)

10.What is a determiner and give an example? (2) 



1. It is a non-specified determiner.(1) It tells us nothing about the noun. They are ‘A’ or ‘An’ (1) 

2. Definite article is the opposite to an indefinite article.(1) It is a specified determiner, it particularises a noun.(1) For example ‘The dog’ as opposed to ‘A dog’. (1)

3. There are two types of adjectives.

4. Attributive (1) – they come before the noun (1) – e.g. ‘The CLASSIC shirt’ (1)

    Predicative (1) – they come after the noun (1) e.g. ‘The skirt is BEAUTIFUL’   (1)

5. There are two types of common nouns; abstract (1) – describe feeling and intangible things e.g. ‘joy’ (1)

Concrete (1) – they describe tangible things(1) e.g. ‘book’

6. An adverb is a word which describes the verb e.g. ‘she SOFTLY whispered’ (1)

7. Prepositional words (1)  e.g. ‘on’ ‘by’ (1)

8. There are four; Additional (1) – they allow us to add extra information (1) e.g. ‘and’

Temporal (1) – these describe the time aspect (1) e.g. ‘then’

Casual (1) – these describe the relationship between the two sets of information e.g. ‘because’

Adversative (1) they allow us to show the other side of the argument (1) e.g. ‘but’

9. Proper nouns (1)

10. They precede nouns and refer directly to them (1) e.g. ‘a’ ‘an’ ‘the’ ‘this’ ‘their’

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