New Year – New Resolutions – New You : Why I love January

For many January is a miserable month; the weather is grey (London based), longer wait till payday and most people are doing dry January!

However, for me I love January, it is my favourite month of the year (bar September – as that is my birthday month!). I love January because it is a month of hope, fresh starts and health kicks!

New Year: Hope

New year offers a time when we can start to make serious plans such as travel plans or career ideas. It is not that you cannot do this at any other point in time, January just provides a good framework of the next 12 months to make these plans. Some of the things I hope to achieve and have started making plans include visiting Iceland & Scotland and doing a 5k race!

New Resolutions: Fresh Start

Over the year it appears less and less people embark on setting new year’s resolutions with the most commonly cited reason is that they don’t normally stick to them and/or there is no area in their wheel of life that needs resolving. Personally I love new year’s resolutions and after many years of not fulfilling them, I have been able to keep mine in the last few years.

The first key thing is to think of resolutions less like resolutions i.e. a solution a problem and more as intentions. Setting intentions is saying what you intend to do and ties into the first theme of new year, hope (what is it you would like to achieve in the next 12 months?). This also explains why you don’t necessary need to have an area of life or a problem you are seeking to resolve to set a new year’s resolution or intention.

So if you are not resolving any particular area; what kind of intentions do you set? I think it boils down to lifestyle. It is important to (a) recognise the lifestyle you live from what job you do to what you eat for breakfast and (b) have a think if there is any part of your lifestyle you would like to be different, or aspire to be different. By doing this it will become clear what kind of intentions it would be a good to set. The other great thing from doing this will be you will see these changes/additions as a lifestyle rather than a specific goal which can be easy to give up on forget about once achieved. For example, lots of people start the new year saying they want to be healthy/lose weight. This is evident from the fact it is almost impossible to book gym classes between Jan-March. However, what happens? Why does it suddenly quietened down at the gym? The problem is that most people do not see health-related aspirations as lifestyle choices. They might want to give up chocolate, however, once done for 6 months think the goal is goal, or they give into craving and again the resolution is suddenly dead and gone. However, if you envisage an intention to live a healthy lifestyle, there is no end date, there is no harm in having a chocolate every so often. You end up living quite a balanced lifestyle with ups and downs throughout the year and cut down on chocolate naturally!

This is why I love to set new year’s resolutions or as I call them “intentions”; they are a good way of improving your lifestyle to a way you aspire to and by thinking of them as a lifestyle choice it becomes much easier to maintain them all year round.

New You: Health Kick

As someone that enjoys keeping up to date with health trends, gymming and learning about wellness: I love this time of year! It is great to see everyone on such a health kick, learn about new things people are doing and many retailers have offers relating to health & fitness.

So although the long wait until payday, the constant bleak sky and sudden decrease in social events, I love January. It is a wonderful time to work on you! Don’t miss this opportunity to start making plans for 2017!