AS Economics

7 Tips for Data Response Questions 
Economics Exam Advice
Macroeconomic Essay Question
Microeconomic Essay Question
Multiple Choice Questions


Cobweb Model 
Consumer Surplus
Cross Price Elasticity of Demand
Derived Demand for Labour
Graphical Representation of PED
Income Elasticity of Demand
Indirect Taxation 
Market Failure: Public, Merit & Demerit Goods
Positive & Normative Economics
Price Elasticity of Demand
Price Elasticity of Demand: The 3 Curves 
Production Possibility Frontiers (PPFs)
Tackling Multiple Choice Question
The Basic Economic Problem- Scarcity
The Cost-Benefit Analysis
Types of Economies


Aggregate Demand
Aggregate Demand: Factors
Balance of Payments: The Current Account
Circular Flow of Income
Economic Growth
Economic Growth: Benefits
Example of A-Grade Macro Essay 
Example of A-Grade 12 Mark Essay
Exchange Rates
Exchange Rate Mnemonic 
HDI: Human Development Index
Interest Rates, Exchange Rates & Hot Money 
Macroeconomic Objectives and Macroeconomic Indicators
Measuring Inflation
Monetary Policy 
The Trade Cycle
Tips for Data Response Questions
Trade-offs/Conflicts between Macroeconomic Objectives
Useful Mnemonic – Exchange rates and Imports/Exports

A2 Economics


Costs, Revenue & Profits: The Basics
Economies & Diseconomies of Scale
Introduction to Labour Markets
Monopolistic Competition 


Advanced Material


Value Added Tax


Yields vs Returns 

3 thoughts on “Economics

  1. Hi, Thank you for these notes and videos they’re very useful. Could you please upload more A2 economics, esp Labour Markets and Exchange Rates.

  2. Hi, is there any economics related structure for the unit 2 30 marker, that can quickly relate to macroeconomic objectives/ causes and effects and ensure that I get max marks.. maybe a mnemonic like SPICED?

  3. print screen #Plagarism #Thankyou #Free

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