AS Geography

Extreme weather (Unit 2))

Boscastle 2004 flash floods
Can a depression be classed as an extreme weather event?
Can a summer anticyclone be classed as an extreme weather event?
Can a winter anticyclone be classed as an extreme weather event?
Case Study: Feb 2009 Snowstorm
Contenting with extreme weather
Drought – Australia 2002 – 2009
Drought Management 
Droughts: Size, Distribution & Frequency 
European heatwave 2003
GIS and technology in meteorology
Hurricane theory, fieldwork and Katrina
Impacts of extreme weather
Understanding & Monitoring Weather Conditions 

Going Global

Case Study: Britons Migrating to Spain
Case Study: Poles Migrating to UK 
Challenges of a Greying Population 
Global Groupings (Trade Blocs)Global Groupings (Trade Blocs)
Globalisation: Winners & Losers
Poverty, Globalisation & Sustainability 
Role of Technology in a Shrinking World
Social & Economic factors affecting migration in the UK
Suburbanisation in Los Angeles


Case Study: 2012 London Olympics 
Case Study: Cornwall
Case Study: East London 
Case Study: Nottingham
Case Study: Walton-On-The-Naze
Fieldwork & Research: Profiling 
Fieldwork & Research: Urban Strategies 
Flagship Developments 
Rebranding Strategies 
Rural Rebranding
Urban Rebranding
Why rebrand?

World At Risk

Avalanches, Mudslides & Landslides 
California Hotspot
Case Study: Africa Case Study: Africa 
Climate Change: Adaptation vs Mitigation 
Climate Change: Environmental impacts on the environment
Climate Change: Evidence 
Climate Change: Key Players
Climate Change: Natural & Human Causes 
Costs & Benefits of Sustainable Measures 
Cyclones: Global Distribution 
Earthquake Theory & Fieldwork
Global Hazards Test
Kyoto Protocol 1997 
Positive Ice Albedo Feedback
Rising Sea Levels & Bangladesh

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