Religious Studies

AS Religious Studies

Philosophy of Religion

Religious Ethics

Abortion & Right to a Child: Ethical Applications 
Abortion: Sanctity & Quality of Life Arguments 
Absolute vs Relative Morality
Act vs Rule Utilitarianism 
Aristotle’s Ideas on Purpose & Eudaemonia 
Christian Ethics
Deontological &Teleological Ethics
Euthanasia: Ethical Responses I
Euthanasia: Ethical Responses II (Video)
Euthanasia: Sanctity of Life vs Quality of Life
Euthanasia & The Right to Life
Genetic Engineering 
Is the Foetus a Person?
Just War Theory
Kantian Ethics 
Kantian Ethics: Strengths & Weaknesses 
Kantian Ethics: Quiz
Natural Law Theory 
Natural Law: Origin & Roots
Natural Law: Strengths & Weaknesses 
Peter Singer & Preference Utilitarianism
Right to a Child
Sanctity of Life & Abortion
Situation Ethics
Status of an Embryo
Utilitarianism: Strengths & Weaknesses
Quiz on Utilitarianism

My View on Euthanasia 

A2 Religious Studies

Philosophy of Religion

Hume’s Guillotine
Introduction to Religious Language
Scholarly views on Religious Language

Religious Ethics 

Business Ethics

Examples of Whistleblowing


7 thoughts on “Religious Studies

  1. Could you upload videos on
    Unit 1 Ethics: Utilitarianism, Situation Ethics and Abortion/ Euthanasia
    Unit 2 Ethics: Kant, Religious views on the Created World, and Environmental Ethics
    As I would like to achieve an A/B in AQA Religious Studies please


    • Hi Christopher, I did OCR unfortunately. Most of my notes are on my old blogs. I have started to transfer the material to this website e.g. with notes for utilitarianism and situation ethics.

  2. Hi, coould upload some videos for A2 ethics and Philosophy please.

  3. AS Philosophy of Religion vids please!

  4. Hi, I love your videos. They are really very beneficial. Please could you upload videos on A2 philosophy and ethics? Thank you!

  5. Hi, could you please upload a video on virtue ethics? Thanks

  6. Can I just say…. Thank you sooooo much!!! I have been watching your videos since AS and this year in A2 we haven’t had a proper teacher – you have saved my life. It’s amazing how you can help me understand a whole topic in sometimes less than 6 minutes, in comparison to multiple lessons in school where I’m not learning a thing! You’re amazing. You should be a teacher!

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