Drought Management

Different ways to manage drought




1. Model how sustainable their current water usage is for the wider society like in indigenous crowds in drought season. 

  1. Make farming more efficient and use more GM drought resistant crops
  2. Invest in water smart technology
  3. Regulate water usage in irrigation
  4. Make watering more efficient e.g. piping and lining water channels
  5. Monitor water supply through databases

South East England

  1. Bans e.g. Hosepipe ban
  2. Take water from reservoirs in Wales
  3. Recycle more river water
  4. Use more ‘grey’ water
  5. Monitor water usage through water footprint
  1. Repair leaking infrastructure
  2. Reduce irrigation usage
  3. GM crops
  4. Shift to Mediterranean crops

East Africa

  1. Change from nomads to cultivators
  2. Use of intermediate technology 
  3. Collect and store rainwater underground
  4. Separate clean and reusable water
  1. Fit pumps, repair or dig new wells
  2. Seek aid from NGOs
  3. GM crops