Graze Snacks Review

At the start 2017, 02 Priority customers were given the offer of 6 Graze snack boxes for 99p including delivery. There was no automatic subscription or hidden charges, so a pretty good deal especially as each box normally retails at 59p.

Inside the box…

  1. Veggie Caesar

The snack contains sour cream and onion kern pops, cheddar cheese bruschetta and edamame beans, totalling at 4.1g of protein. This was one of my favourite snacks, super delicious and flavoursome. The sour cream and onion flavour comes through pretty strong, it is one the reasons I really enjoyed this snack. For a little box, it contains 8.5% of recommended protein intake for women, so pretty good given its size. It is also quite light, so you can have it on your commute home and still have dinner when you get home. Thoroughly enjoyable!

  1. Banana Protein Flapjack

This snack contains three banana-flavoured protein flapjack made with rustic rolled oats and mixed seeds, totalling at 7.6g protein. These snacks are pretty small so it was surprising that I could have this flapjack for breakfast and not require anything else. It goes very well with coffee, as it rather sweet and maybe slightly too banana-y on its own. What I enjoyed the most about this snack is that it was a simple flapjack, not over-complicated with millions of different seeds and dried fruit. The protein level is again pretty high for a little flapjack which could pass for a dessert, so impressed with the snack again.

  1. Lightly Toasted Pistachios

This box contains gently roasted Californian pistachios with a touch of salt, totalling at 3.3g of protein. I don’t have much to say as it is literally a small box of pistachios with a sprinkle of salt. I enjoy pistachios so I enjoyed the box, but if you are ordering from Graze I wouldn’t recommend this as you can get pistachios for a better price on Amazon etc.

  1. Punchy Protein Nuts

This box contains chilli and lime cashews, raw almonds, blanched peanuts, totalling at 8.9g protein. I love spice so for me this box was a delight (very proud of the rhyme)! The box had a lot of flavour just like the veggie caesar one and I found it to be quite filling as well. The blanched peanut compliment the spicy one, so overall great box.

  1. Sweet Memphis Barbecue

This box contains salsa peanuts, wild rice sticks and BBQ flavoured peas, totalling at 6.6g of protein. For a box that was not my favourite, I found this to be pretty addictive and left wanting more when finished.  I didn’t think the flavour was that great of the nuts, it’s more the coating/batter which gave it its addictiveness. The flavour is still savory, although more akin to sweet and sour than traditional savory snacks like the others. Not the best, but still enjoyable.

  1. Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie

This is the only sweet box, containing baked salted peanuts, redskin peanuts, mini cocoa cookies and Cornish vanilla fudge, totalling at 7.1g protein. This box was great! I loved the flavour, it actually tasted like a salted caramel and peanut dessert. The little fudge squares were to die for and visually appealing. However, I don’t like eating these when I am looking for a healthy snack. This is because it isn’t amount the number or calories or protein but rather  the sources from which they are coming. The mini cookies and fudge squares aren’t exactly what I would call healthy sources. So great product, wouldn’t buy it if I was clean eating and if I did, treasure it for a desert or special occasion.

All in all, Graze offers some great tasting products in some funky packaging. However, I don’t see myself ordering from there again because I just don’t feel healthy eating Graze snacks. I think this is because the snacks like Salted Fudge aren’t healthy and some of savory ones contain sugar and other ingredients I don’t want to be putting into my body. In addition, for snacks that are not uber healthy, Graze is not cheap. Thus, I would rate Graze snacks as a 3 out 5 in respect to healthy eating and 4 out of 5 in terms of the snack in comparison to other foods.

Tribe January 2017 Subscription Box/Pack Review

I recently did an unboxing video of LoveLula Beauty Box January 2017, this was my first ever subscription box. For those that don’t know a subscription box is as the name says a box you can subscribe to at a set frequency (typically monthly) and will contain the opted for products. So in LoveLula, it is all natural beauty products.

In January, “We are Tribe” or Tribe had a special promotion, that if you subscribe you can have your first box for £1 (RRP £8.65 per box). Tribe produces natural sports nutrition products such as shakes and protein. The box contains 6 products and on order you are prompted to select what is your typical work-out regime so they can send you the most appropriate products. (Apologies, I forgot to take photos!). The box itself it a small cardboard box, fits through the letterbox. I love the packaging, the box had “Anything is Possible” written across the front, its a small touch but one I loved especially as the box is so small I never removed the products from it and kept it on my table!

The products themselves are good, I’d say about 60% were delicious, few did not resonate with me well. However, this is not a big criticism as with subscription boxes products are always hit or miss and going forward you can alternate what is sent to you, by changing you work out regime requirements. One of my favourite things about the products that I have not seen on other products is that the packaging tells you recommended time to eat the product e.g. 45 mins before workout or recovery post workout. This was a great little feature making the products unique. I opted for the “balanced” work-out regime needs and below you will see the products I received (yes a lot of banana!).

What products were in my box?

Tribe – Infinity: Banoffee

This is an energy bar consists of 262 calories and tastes more of banana, than any caramel or banoffee hints. A large part of the bar is made out of Teff flour, I have to be honest this is the first time I have heard of teff. Teff is an ancient grain grown in Ethiopia and from what I see online is making its way more and more to our health food stores. It is high in calcium as well as protein, making it nutritious and filling. I found the product filling (as with most of the Tribe products) and fairly tasty. I didn’t love the taste but I did not dislike it either, it was pleasant though making it a 4 out of 5. If the product had coco nibs, it would improve the taste and make it more in line with the ‘banoffee’ flavour in my opinion.

Tribe – Blaze Trails: Sour Cherry & Buckwheat

This product is less heavy compared to Infinity bar, but nevertheless I still found it to be filling. One of the things I love about subscriptions boxes in general, is they force you to try new products. On appearance, I would never have picked Sour Cherry and Buckwheat as a flavour, but taste wise I quite enjoyed it (more than the infinity bar actually!). Buckwheat is actually quite filling and is actually a seed (not a grass or a wheat!), for that reason is has great amount of fibre and protein The bar tasted like you had something sour on a toast (not texturally but purely on toast). It was a good product and I would give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Tribe – Scafell Trail Mix: Cacao & Banana

This product is a bag of raisins, brazil nuts, dried banana, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts and cocoa nibs, surprising totalling 184 cals. I say surprisingly because it doesn’t feel like 184 calories the way the other products do, it is quite light. I did not enjoy this product in all honesty and would only give it a 2 out of 5 star rating. The first problem is I don’t eat raisins (going forward should probably tell the company in advance) so I had to pick them out. The second is that the dried banana doesn’t taste very good, it isn’t like those banana chips you normally find (I guess those aren’t healthy), they literally dried squiggy bananas (to see them click here). They aren’t the most nicest thing to eat and I would have preferred dried coconut or mango or apricot for example. I quite like cocoa nibs, so I was disappointed that the pieces were so small, I would call them crumbs rather than nibs. For these reasons, the product was a miss with me.

Tribe – Recovery Shake: Cacao
You get a shake powder for this product that you mix with water or milk. Essentially shake is made up of cocoa powder and pea/rice protein. I did not enjoy this product at all, in fact for me it was worse than the trial mix, about a 1 star out 5. I was actually really excited about this product as I loves shakes and smoothies and love chocolate! The problem for me is that the product is too heavy, its like a cold thick soup more than a shake (perhaps next time i would use the blender to make it). Mine was also a bit lumpy and to be honest I couldn’t finish the whole thing and ended up throwing it. It most definitely is filling but its not an enjoyable experience of getting full up. The chocolate could taste better, perhaps some date syrup instead of the coconut sugar or slightly more coconut sugar?

Tribe 10 – Bogoya Banana

This is a protein bar for recovery and as mentioned with the other products quite filling, totalling at 255 cals. The bar is based on rice protein also containing chia seeds, golden berries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Despite the other ingredients, the bar has a very strong banana flavour, even stronger than the banoffee Infinity bar. I ended up having only half and the other half a bit later on as it was such a strong flavour, it is better balanced out with say a cup of coffee. Nevertheless, I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 rating, it is pleasant but I would not say I love it!

Tribe 10 – Mountain Maca

This was my favourite product and I would give it a 5 out 5 rating. This is also a protein bar containing 10g of protein (hence the name Tribe 10). The bar is filling and taste is more subtle, it has a generally nutty flavour (contains cashew, almonds and dates). Also made out of rice protein, it contains the superfoods maca powder and milled flaxseeds, which are amazing for your energy levels. I felt the flavour, the texture and length of time the product keeps you filled make the product amazing and if I were to order another Tribe box, I would definitely request this!


All in all I will give the box a 3.5* rating (out of 5 stars). The products and packaging are great, I am not sure they are really suitable to my needs as I tend to do gym classes rather than regular treks or marathon training. They would have been useful if I knew about them when I was doing the Inca Trail! Going forward, I have discontinued my subscription as I currently in process of trying different boxes (got Goodness Project on its way next month!) and I am not convinced they are the best products to my needs as discussed above. Also the box was a tad too banana heavy for me!