In this video I look at what is a monopoly? what characteristics does it have? Why might a firm want to be one? How does it do its pricing? What does a monopoly diagram look like? What efficiencies are associated with a monopoly? What are the costs and benefits to consumers? 

Also, there is a supporting booklet to the video attached below.


Monopoly by Komilla Chadha by Komilla Chadha


The structure of the defamation videos are as follows:

Part 1 – Intro – Libel vs Slander
Part 2 – Meaning of defamatory statements
Part 3- Are they about the claimant?
Part 4 – Are they published to third parties?


Part 1 – Intro – Libel vs Slander

Part 2 – What make a statement defamatory?

Part 3 – How does the defamatory statements refer to the claimant?

Part 4 – The statements must be published to a third party