Legal Challenges to Flood Management

After attending a Castle Debate on Flooding; I have put together a video on some of the legal challenges to flooding. I begin with mentioning a few lines on the lack of clarity and overarching statutory regimes surrounding Flood Management. I then move onto exploring the three basic claim areas that are likely to grow in the future:

1. Flooding caused/exacerbated by neighbours – Nuisance/Rylands v Fletcher
2. Climate change litigation
3. Challenges to public authority flood management


The structure of the defamation videos are as follows:

Part 1 – Intro – Libel vs Slander
Part 2 – Meaning of defamatory statements
Part 3- Are they about the claimant?
Part 4 – Are they published to third parties?


Part 1 – Intro – Libel vs Slander

Part 2 – What make a statement defamatory?

Part 3 – How does the defamatory statements refer to the claimant?

Part 4 – The statements must be published to a third party


Psychiatric Harm

This post looks at the liability for psychiatric harm in the tort of negligence. The first video explores primary victims and second video looks at secondary victims. The final video looks at the policy reasons for restricting secondary victims. Before the videos, an overview photo is depicted.


Video 1 – Primary Victims:

Video 2 – Secondary Victims:

Video 3 – Policy justifications for secondary victim restrictions:

Breach of Duty

This post looks at the objective standard of care test as prescribed for establishing breach and then goes on to consider special situations and the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur.